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As a college student and father, I couldn't afford an attorney and had to learn how to navigate the court system. I was initially awarded primary physical and sole legal custody of my son. Throughout the process, I won four appeals to the Supreme Court of Nevada, and was published on an original writ petition. I graduated and become a software engineer, and the court ultimately terminated my ex's parental rights. My choice of the name "The Proper Person" is a reflection of the designation before a court that a person representing themselves is appearing "in proper person" or in propria persona. I hope that by sharing my experiences with the court system I will be able to offer others help and guidance on what to expect.

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Child Custody And Visitation, Part 140
My Docket

I cover my filing of an order denying request for costs, notice of appeal, case appeal statement, order of recusal, case assignment notification, order directing transmission of record, certificate of clerk and transmittal, and notice of change of address. Links to documents: https://www.theproperperson.com/assets/docs/filings/476-order-denying-request-for-costs.pdf https://www.theproperperson.com/assets/docs/filings/477-notice-of-appeal.pdf https://www.theproperperson.com/assets/docs/filings/478-case-appeal-statement.pdf https://www.theproperperson.com/assets/docs/filings/479-order-of-recusal.pdf https://www.theproperperson.com/assets/docs/filings/480-case-assignment-notification.pdf https://www.theproperperson.com/assets/docs/filings/481-order-directing-transmission-of-record.pdf https://www.theproperperson.com/assets/docs/filings/482-certificate-of-clerk-and-transmittal.pdf https://www.theproperperson.com/assets/docs/filings/483-notice-of-change-of-address.pdf To join the channel as a member click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1fZ_IiAeIVmzSLh5MbJow/join For inquiries, feel free to contact me through www.theproperperson.com

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